Monday, December 5, 2011

A Quilt Square

A month or so ago I received a request from a former student. As part of the celebration of her 16th birthday, she was to have a quilting party where each person would make a square to be assembled into a larger quilt. What a great idea! Then, as things happen around here, I completely lost track of time (baby brain...) as hours compressed into days which incredibly became weeks. An email...unfortunately I missed the quilting party - and really that was my loss. This girl is an amazing cook and I am sure that the party was fantastic. The final quilt would be assembled towards the end of the year and would I be able to contribute? Yikes!

In all honestly, I was quite intimidated by this task. The student is the type any teacher would love to have in a class. Highly intelligent, super organized, always wishing to learn and (to my constant need) an amazing artist. I always knew a class mural, art project or anything else needing an ounce of artisitic / craft ability, of which I have none, would succeed with her around. But now, the tables were turned. She was giving me the assignment and the due date was looming.

Fortunately for me, I have a wonderful wife who is quite talented and Krista provided me with lots of technical assistance. I wonder how much I owe her this time...The theme was decided - her name in Chinese characters to represent where I am now and her desire to travel the world, Mt Hood - I'm excited that she is spending more time outdoors exploring, and a river and a leaf to represent the three years of Sunnyside (this is the school where I taught and the three years of curriculum were themed mountain, river, forest). The needles came out and today my quilt square contribution begins its journey across the Pacific Ocean.

Happy Birthday!

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