Friday, December 23, 2011

Game ON!

My shopping excursion last night proved to be quite successful. After only 3.5 hours at the market, my money was spent and my body was exhausted. However, I did accomplish what I set out to do. 14 outfits were purchased, not a penny more than 3400 NTD was spent. Thursday night at Feng Jia was quite manageable, with only the food streets being barely passable. My friend brought along her baby, Ella, and so the stroller proved to be quite an effective battering ram, clearing the way for us to shop.
Baby stroller + night market = pathways created

Feng Jia, thankfully, wasn't too busy

a quick dinner of cheese balls

I quickly noticed that I had to keep my purchase price somewhere around 150 NTD per item, roughly $5.00 USD if I was going to make budget. This really limited my selections. I found myself perusing the sale racks out front of the stores. Bling was out! Too expensive at a whopping 300 NTD per shirt ($10.00 USD). All in all, I feel as if I accomplished quite a bit and am excited to share my purchases with you over the next few weeks. Tomorrow I'll share my first outfit, and even post pics of my spoils. Game ON everyone!

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