Friday, December 23, 2011

Preparing for Feng Jia

Well, this is it. The last post before my big night out at the Feng Jia night market. In order to get in the mood, I am dressing in night market-esk garb as I venture off on my task. A few things race through my mind. . .is 3400 NTD really enough money to show case the night market’s many wonders? am I really young enough to rock the fashions I will find (short and tight)? what really constitutes a complete night market outfit? I don’t know if I have the answer to these questions; however, I have been working on the last one. Shoes don’t count. . .PERIOD! I am a girl who truly feels as if shoes will make or break an outfit but really, I only have 3400 NTD-not nearly enough for a complete make over. I suppose I need to clarify “outfit” by saying: major pieces of outfit must be from the night market; however additional pieces may be added from my current wardrobe to complete the outfit. In addition, pieces may be recycled throughout the 17 days as long as they are worn in different ways.


A run down on my Feng Jia shopping attire, if not explicitly stated, items were purchased at a market in Zhu Hai, China.
hot pink leggings: $4 USD
black lip stick tank: $3 USD
Black jingle jangle shoes: $3.5 USD
Black zipper shrug: $5 USD
Black Ice Breaker top: $19.99 USD purchased from Steep and Cheap
Total outfit cost: $35.49 USD.

Okay the Ice Breaker top totally blew the beauty of how cheap a night market outfit can truly be, but a girl’s gotta stay warm shopping. Plus, the jingle jangle shoes may be replaced for a much more comfortable pair of walking shoes. I do have a lot of shopping to do after all!

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