Sunday, March 17, 2013

St. Paddy's Day

Living overseas, we knew our girls would be TCK’s or Third Culture Kids. TCK’s are kiddos who live outside of their culture, or in the girls’ case, our American culture. TCK children are presented with an alternative lifestyle rich in culture and diversity, but can be lacking in a strong sense of home culture that can lead to questions of where they belong in society as they get older. In order to establish a strong home culture, we make a concerted effort to create family traditions anchored in our culture(s). 

Today was a day to celebrate Frank’s Irish roots. We dressed the girls in green with rainbow leg warmers and had a full day menu surrounding St. Patrick’s Day. I’m a sucker for anything pink and sparkly but I put all that aside today for all things green. The morning started with a snack of Lucky Charms and was rounded out with rainbow pancakes.

Lunch consisted of green pasta with bok choi. Green milk was served to the girls while Mom and Dad got green Irish adult beverages.

Dinner completed the day with individual pot pies with shamrocks gracing the top. 

The planned green m&m rainbow cookies will be cooked next weekend as the girls crashed big time in the afternoon and weren’t up for baking. 

Next up: Easter. . .

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