Thursday, March 28, 2013

Another year flashes by...

March 24, 2013

Though the photo was taken only three years ago, it is amazing what has happened over the past few years. Last year, our Anniversary post gave a quick recap of past events and this year has also enjoyed its share of good times. The big push in the early part of our year was finalizing the adoption of the girls. The days were a bit stressful as the clock ticked closer to our summer trip and the girls remained passport-less. Finally, the adoptions came through and we quickly processed their Taiwanese passports and visas (Xian  and Sage - both stories are slightly different...). The final toast was made in early June and we soon boarded a plane for Portland!

Summer was great. We sat in fields

visited favorite places

learned how to crawl and sit-up

and were lucky to visit lots of friends and family. Then, it was back to Taiwan for another school year. Time began flashing by as Xian turned 1 years old.

Halloween was fun. We dressed up for school and the girls went to a park.

At the same time, a big change was looming in our minds. Days in Taiwan were numbered but we didn't know what was the next step. Our resignations were turned in without future jobs. Heading into winter break, hopes were high that we would return with good news.

But first, the Winter Concert for the girls (due to our trip, we watched the dress rehearsal)

The holidays get started once we arrived in Thailand. Going south to the islands, we spent time on the beach, visited an aquarium, went swimming and watched gibbons. Who knew that vacations could be so tiring :)

Ole Far and Mamie-O joined us in Bangkok to help out with the job fair. Fortunately, we received the best news possible before the fair started. We're moving to Beijing! 

Once back in Taichung, we celebrated that Sage's birthday bell struck one.

A trip to the Taipei Zoo was a lot of fun and wrapped up the visit of Mamie-O and Ole Far.

Recently, the girls have been everywhere. Their #1 job is to explore and that is what they do. All.the.time. 

The year has been a good one and we are super excited to see what the next one will bring. Right now, the Beijing-transition is in fully operation though we are again eager for a summer trip to Portland!

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