Sunday, March 10, 2013

Surprise trip to see Family Wang

A message awaited us as we got home from the AST Cross Country Meet: Come to Puli today! Krista and I participated in the annual running event -a beautiful and challenging course - so we missed the Saturday trip to Puli to see Family Wang. A few online messages later planned out our Sunday. Waking up with Sage before the sun got our day started and we grabbed breakfast on our way out of town.  This time all five of Sage's birth siblings were present as well as her birth parents and grandmother. A few photos from the reunion (unfortunately the camera was forgotten at home so the cell phone had to do...).

Grandmother Wang and 5 of her grandchildren
Xian showing two of the sisters how to double fist
Sage doing what no one dares with her...
Puli Lake

Trying out an amusement park ride
Time to go

Until next time!

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