Friday, March 29, 2013

Spring Break begins

Hello Spring Break! Krista and I are in the middle of a two-week break from school. This first week zoomed by as we began preparations for our move to Beijing. While the girls continued to go to school, we sorted through stuff and decided what would travel to the States for the summer, get stored and then shipped to Beijing or stay in Taiwan. We've also had some welcome relaxation and fun times with the girls.

A trip to the park...

Shopping - Next week we leave for the Philippines for a short week of fun in the sun. Both girls were in need of sunglasses and shoes for the trip. Here, Xian modeled her new look as she strutted down the aisles of a store. (Note that the shoes were attached. This didn't bother her as she took off. Aah, the look on the faces of other shoppers was amazing.)

Sage realized that the phone can be a lot of fun and tries to get one anytime she can. I guess she is a busy girl!

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