Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Gone Cruising

The girls' eyes often wander over to the sweet, red ride parked across the street. They know that the cute boy with blond curls is the driver of the convertible that always has its top down. When outside, one girl will often quickly dash over for a closer look. But, will they ever get a ride?

Over the weekend, their hopes turned to reality. Asa was hanging out and invited the girls for a ride. Sage was the first one to hop in and she sported big grins as he drove her around the block.

She was so excited that when he jumped out, she made a quick get-away! Left wondering if she would get a ride, Xian started the chase to reel her sister back in.

Eventually all three piled in...

before the girls tried to make a team hijack. Unfortunately for them, their driving skills are not quite up to par and they wound up wrapped around a tree.

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