Thursday, December 27, 2012

to the Aquarium

The girls are adjusting to life away from home and we decided to head out to the Phuket Aquarium on Christmas day. It's relatively small but captivated the girls.

Would Sage be a good snack?

A bit more hesitant, Xian peers on.

The girls gravitated to the tanks with bright displays and really liked the ones that they could walk up to by themselves.

After being inside, the girls still had a lot of energy so we checked out the small nature trail adjacent to the aquarium. It wound along the ocean's edge though was tucked underneath mangroves and other coastal trees.

Sage is becoming a good little walker and often likes to hold on to someone's hand. We were amazed as to how long she walked on this trail.

In the meantime, Xian becomes more and more adventurous each day as she is now capable of going the direction her little heart desires. 

The ending point of the trail is a turtle hatchery and it was fun to watch the baby turtles frolic in the water.

After all that walking, the girls quickly began to crash. Sage fell fast asleep on Mom's back though Xian managed to keep awake likely knowing that her parents could not resist ice cream back at the aquarium. Her staying up award...a popsicle and she loved it!

Wow! A day of activity in the heat can surely set a couple of girls back. The went to bed early (even for them) but decided to wake up in the middle of the night to raise hell for many hours. Needless to say, the next day was a "nap day" as we hung out and recuperated. 

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