Monday, December 31, 2012

and the saga continues

The morning dawned with low hanging, grey clouds. Rain fell from the sky and the day seemed to get started much slower than previous ones. Similar to the weather, our night also took a turn for the worse as Sage moaned and groaned all through the night. Sleeping hardly more than 10 minutes at a time, she was miserable. A low-grade fever kept spiking and she was covered in sweat. Xian, though fever-free, also boycotted large portions of prime-sleeping time as her nose ran with green gookety-gook. Our plans for the next day fell into place - a trip to yet another hospital.

That's it! The girls are getting tubes put into their ears when we get back to Taiwan. Months of infection and antibiotics are no fun.

By dusk, we were all starting to catch a case of cabin-fever so we decided to head out to the weekend night market. The girls loved it! Rock, hip hop and other tunes rang out from different stalls and Xian kept dancing away. Sage flirted with all passer-bys and enjoyed a few sips from Mom's drink.

Pink sweater shopping

Busy food stalls

Tamarind (I think....)

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