Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The Journey

The flight from Taipei to Bangkok is only 3.5 hours yet our Taichung-to-Phuket jaunt took nearly 24 hours before we were settled into a hotel. Our flight was a late one in the day so the girls were able to participate in the dress rehearsal for their school's holiday performance of The Nutcracker. The costumes were quite...umm...adorable!

While is was great to see the girls before the rehearsal, our presence did not bode well for their performance - at least Xian's (Sage appeared to be in a drug-induced haze.).

After their show, we boogied back home leaving the girls at school. Bags needed to be packed and the house cleaned - Mamie-O and Ole Far are returning from Thailand with us! We got back to Paradise to fine the school completely quiet for nap time. After letting the girls get a bit more sleep, we snagged them and were off again to begin the journey.

Step 1: Cab ride to the High Speed Rail station.

Step 2: Take the HSR about 1 hour north and transfer to a bus for a short ride to the international airport. Note to travelers: Terminal 1 has been renovated and is now serving many airlines. We almost missed the stop in favor of the typical Terminal 2.

Step 3: Thai Airways is awesome! They spotted us coming in and as we did some last minute bag arrangements, a representative walked over and explained that they would put us in a special seating arrangement so that we could be together. This welcome was quite different from the summer flight to the States. As it turned out, we sat in the middle section of the plane. The section has four seats across so I guess there are enough oxygen masks for the two wee ones. We quickly passed security and were soon finding ways to use up time. Walks...

 Choosing a religion - Xian ran from them all.

Gazing at reflections

Step 4: Air Travel - the girls were quite good!

Step 5: Lay-over hotel in Bangkok. We arrived after midnight and the wake up call was set for 5:30 am.

Step 6: Crazy taxi ride from one Bangkok airport to the other.

Step 7: Air travel to Phuket. No special treatment this time. Just prior to take-off, a flight attendant moves Sage and I away from Krista and Xian.

Step 8: Taxi ride to hotel - yep, the girls are getting tired of transport and so are we.

Step 9: Arrival at hotel. Unfortunately, our room was not ready so we waited, and waited, and waited.

Step 10: Finally! A little relaxation in the pool.

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