Saturday, December 29, 2012

Out and about in Phuket

300 baht. 300 baht. 300 baht. A baht is about the same as a Taiwanese New Dollar and 300 of these things are roughly worth $10. This 300 baht seems to be the going rate for getting about anywhere on this island though the cab drivers are willing to begin much higher in negotiations. We went a little bit north of Phuket town to the Butterfly garden. As the taxi drove up a lady appeared with glasses of a nice cool hibiscus-type beverage on this 30+ C day.

The first phase of the exhibit had all sorts of ground dwelling insects in tiny terrariums. Do they really need so little space?

Outside of the insect hall was a fish pond and the air swirled with butterflies. Nets hung from up high to keep the butterflies in and they zoomed a bit everywhere.

Krista and Xian feed the fish

The girls were especially interested in the fish. Maybe the day at the aquarium primed them to look for the sleek bodies in water. Butterflies can be difficult to catch on a photograph. Sage complained about the heat as I lined up to get this little guy. Each time, the wings closed into a resting position just as the shutter winked. Finally, we got a picture of the butterfly.

A special room to towards the back of the butterfly garden was labeled "Breeding Room". The doorway hung with chainlink to allow people to pass through but to keep the butterflies either in the room or out of it.

Inside the breeding room
After our visit, we decided to head into Phuket town for lunch and a wander about.  Ready for the 300 baht line, we encountered a surprise. Most of the tuk-tuks / cabs were already occupied by people visiting the garden. It is common for people to have the driver wait. Fortunately, the baby-card worked its magic and a nice lady at the reception desk called a cab to take us into town (for...300 baht of course).

The Portugese made Phuket one of their stopping points and the Old Town is influenced by their buildings. Only a few streets appear to be kept up and we had an enjoyable walk around before settling in for lunch.

Old Town Corner
Lunch was a little late and we are quickly coming to grips with extra limits put upon our travels by the two wee ones. They were tuckered out and hot. We're members of the Ergo-carrying army and 30 C temperatures makes for hot people. The girls wanted out of the carriers and home for the day. For 300 baht (I'm still not sure how that works: 300 baht got us to the butterfly museum which is north of Phuket and 600 baht was needed to return us), a tuk-tuk gladly provided wheels back to the swimming pool to cool everyone off.

First tuk-tuk ride

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