Sunday, December 30, 2012

Phi Phi Island

In the span of a week, the girls have been on planes, a train, cars, vans, and a tuk-tuk. Why not a boat? We were picked up from the hotel early in the morning and headed down to the harbor. Our destination was the Phi Phi group of islands a little over 40 km from Phuket. The girls were great and alternated between taking naps, staring out the window and roaming around the boat. As a mountain girl, Sage proved herself to have quite the pair of sea legs as she shuffled along on the boat. The first stop on this tour was a cove of Phi Phi Leh.

The setting was absolutely stunning though this stop over did not include getting on land. The Sea Angel anchored inside the cove for people to swim. The girls were not ready for deep water so they watched the brightly colored fish surface as people fed them.

We also soaked in the scenery before the boat departed for a short trip to Phi Phi Don.

Lunch was served up and the girls shared a seat to eat (high chairs are not to be found in abundance here). They were a bit cranky from the heat of the day which translated into fussiness and a lower desire to eat. The two of us were starving from baby wrangling and were saved by a group of ladies we had met on the boat ride. The ladies were on vacation from Shanghai and took an interest in the girls. Xian met them by rubbernecking at the sound of Chinese being spoken. Her demeanor changed as her ears perked up to hear the familiar tones.

After lunch, it was time to explore the area and get the girls into some salt water. Xian once dipped her toes into the Taiwanese straight but this was Sage's first time. It seems as if the wide open expanse had her a little scared.

Back on the beach, the girls loved playing in the sand. Xian tried out her writing skills and wall building as Sage sampled the local variety of grit.

Thumbs up for fun in the sand!

More than one helping of sand went down the hatch.

Trying to cover Sage with sand.
In the end, it was time to get back on the boat and return to Phuket. Visions of island beauty remained with us...

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