Tuesday, September 4, 2012

In a month, the big 1

Here we are at 11 months. Wow! This year has been an amazing one. Each day the girls get more fun to be around and we are enjoying simply spending time with them.

Wearing a tutu - the way Mommy likes it and the way Daddy thinks it should be worn.

Xian is enjoying life these days. She's happy most of the time and speaks more and more of her mind. We're eagerly waiting for definite words. Sharing has become a favorite activity as she smiles and gives one of us whatever she happens to be holding. She then laughs and laughs as we give it back.

Her appetite has grown considerably and vegetables hold the top spot. She can pack away carrots and pureed greens like crazy. Movement is also important and she is rarely in one place. Though not showing much desire to walk, she experiments with balance, especially when a song starts to play and she wants to dance!

Tonight, we celebrated with the girls by going out to eat before a "late" night doctor's appointment.
Xian's post dinner weigh-in was at 9 kg (~ 20 lbs).

Shabu Shabu

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