Thursday, September 13, 2012

First Steps

That’s right, she’s gone and done it! XO has officially taken her first steps. Frank and I were discussing our day as Xian stood next to me with her hand on my knee. All of a sudden, Frank and I realized that she had crossed a three foot section and was holding on to Frank’s knee. There was only one explanation for the sudden appearance of Xian, she had to have walked there. XO looked up at us, smiled her big cheesy grin and clapped. Then, she got down on her knees, crawled over to me, stood, released her hands from my knees, took a step forward and. . .slowly fell to her knees, only to repeat the motion a half a dozen more times (of course there was a remote control involved that she desperately wanted. Keep away is a great game for parents!) Each time she did so, Xian looked at us and made sure we were watching her take a step before she would calmly lower herself to her knees and repeat.

Now, Xian is not running around the house, nor is she lacking control as she navigates through this new found experience of walking. With typical Xian fashion, she just does. She moves a foot forward, slowly lowers herself to the ground and then does it again and again and again. The experience in and of itself is rewarding and appears to keep her quite entertained. Xian focuses, makes sure she has our attention, and goes along as if she is an old pro. The days of falling out of control are behind her. Smiles rule and a captive audience is all she appears to desire.

On another note, we have a sprinter in the house. Perhaps not so exciting, but definitely entertaining. Sage grabs ahold of anything with wheels, holds on and runs. She will run from one end of the room to another. With greatly speedy speed, she covers massive amounts of ground very quickly. Will we hear the pitter patter of four little feet soon? Only time will tell. . .

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