Sunday, September 9, 2012

Heading over the hill

A little less than a year ago, I held a tiny little Xian and sent Krista out to the Feng Jia market to celebrate her birthday. She embarked on a market excursion to embrace Taiwanese fashion. A few weeks later Sage came along and we haven't headed out too much at all. For my birthday, Krista secretly arranged for babysitters (thanks Beth & Courtney!) to come over after we tucked the girls to sleep on Saturday night. They arrived to blood curdling screams from the baby room. The girls likely sensed a change in our nightly behavior and put on a show. They are usually as quiet as can be by 7:00 pm but not this night. Fortunately, they calmed down and we hopped on the scooter for a ride to town and the Feng Jia night market.

We opted for a mango treat instead of bloody cake.
The next morning, Krista treated me to extra sleep as Sage loudly welcomed in a new day. When her yelps finally succeeded in waking up the rest of the house she decided to go back to bed. After Xian followed suit, I took the opportunity to get back on the bike and headed out for a tour of the Dakeng Scenic area located behind our house. Then, we were off to breakfast at the Early Bird.

All in all a great day - thanks for the birthday wishes!

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