Monday, September 10, 2012

Family Meals

At times during this roller coaster ride that we are on, one of us has lamented the fact that we ditched all of our belongings before leaving for Taiwan. That freedom from stuff, the leap into the unknown without things, hit reality as we realized that we need to live in Taiwan and started to again accumulate items necessary to live. Then, two amazing girls popped into our lives and a few more things appeared. Fear not, I try to ditch stuff every time Krista turns her back. We decided to slowly acquire certain items that are corner pieces to our adventure. What will we remember from Taiwan? The start of our family.

Before summer break, we purchased a table for our kitchen and are just getting to the point where we all sit down for meals. School nights are a mad rush but we are finding ways to set the foundation of family meals. 

The girls' range of food items is rapidly expanding so they can often eat the same as us. The small, square table is nice because we can get quite cozy as we eat and feed the girls. Audrey hangs out to pick up food that makes it her way. Though they are eating similar foods, the technique of the two girls is quite different...

Pouch-diving is becoming a popular end-of-the-meal sport as Xian fishes for any items that didn't quite make it down the hatch.

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