Monday, September 3, 2012

I want to walk! (says the 8-month old)

I want to walk!
I want to walk!
I want to walk!

That pretty much sums up Sage these days. Excitement rules her day as her abilities to get around rapidly increase.

A few days ago she began pulling up onto couches and tables and now she is walking around tables. Her gollum-like crawling technique is quite comical though it allows her the ability to quickly stand once she reaches a destination.

Her fine motor skills are also rapidly getting up to snuff and she is able to feed herself many items. She loves it and from time to time will not even take food from a spoon. This week she found out that bagels and chicken exist in the world and would like to feed her sister all of the greens so that she has room for more meat and carbs.

Not all is smiles though as she cuts teeth with the same speed she moves around play areas. It seems that she is lapping Xian and getting nos. 5 and 6 before big sister. A constant cold (or is it the teeth) brings a steady supply of yuck from her nose. Vocally, she is as loud as her personality. The walls ring...

Happy 8 Months - We love you!

Weigh-in Update: 7.3 kg (16 lbs) on 9/4

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