Tuesday, June 19, 2012


We have our favorite Portland stops. First up was Laughing Planet for a couple of burritos. This trip gave us opportunity to walk through the Sunnyside neighborhood of SE Portland. As it turns out, SES - my former school - was wrapping up the 8th grade promotion ceremony. It's a beautiful occasion that honors the students for their achievements as they pack up and head to high school. For me, simply being around the community and seeing the gardens of SES made me feel as if had truly come home. One of the things I miss the most while living in Taiwan is the strong sense of community that occurs when teachers, students, parents and neighbors work together for a common goal of making each person and our environment better.

Another night, we wandered over to Hopworks (or HUB), which is a brewpub. In addition to great brews, this place has a dining  section for small children. In the past, we groaned if placed in this area. Oh, the noise. Oh, the chaos. This time, we were excited to join the buzz.

Xian sitting at the table hoping to steal Mom's IPA

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