Thursday, June 14, 2012

Class V Trip

Many outdoor sports have one thing in common: when you are committed, you are committed. This could mean that once your boat hits the water, you are on the water until you get through the rapids and reach the take-out. When hiking, if you get to the halfway point, there is only one way back. When climbing, once you're on the wall you better keep moving. Over the last few days we came across the parent equivalent of an adventure: airplane travel.

The car to take us to the airport arrived a bit on the early side at 3:30 Monday morning (Taiwan time). Xian and Sage were shuttled into their car seats for the 2-hour ride. Sage quickly snuggled into sleep while Xian sensed that an adventure was afoot. Her eyes popped open and remained. Our goal was to get to the airport early enough to get bassinet seats assigned to us for our flights to Portland. From Taiwan to Tokyo, we obtained bassinet seats only to find out that there were no bassinets on the plane (was it too short of a flight?). Unfortunately, we could not get the bassinet seats for the Tokyo-Portland flight. The layover in Tokyo was short but the girls got some time to roll around and play before we were back on the long, 9-hour flight. Sage must love the hum of the airplane's engines as she continued her pattern of eat-play for 20 minutes-sleep. Xian was in party mode. The people stimulated her. The lights, which never shut off on the plane, stimulated her. The beverage cart which zoomed by each time she calmed down, stimulated her. In short, everything stimulated her as she passed 5, 10, 15 hours without sleep. In hyper mode, she quickly began rotating between earsplitting shrieks of pleasure(?), crawls over her mom, hysterical screaming and short moments of zoning out. We were committed and there was no escape button.

We are now at great-grammy's house trying to get used to the time zone. Both girls developed their first colds of the year during the last week of school and are struggling with breathing as they decide to occasionally nap. Photos once we get adjusted...

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