Tuesday, June 5, 2012

An aspiring crawler

The bathing beauty pose...Xian stops mid-crawl attempt in her rest position. Does she believe herself to be sitting? Do the few moments in this pose recharge her batteries? Who knows but it is a common sight around our home. Xian just passed the 8 month mark and is working on all sorts of things. It might be said that she would be better off focusing on one item but she wouldn't listen. She is go-go-go. Each day, her version of crawling gets closer and closer to the real thing. She attempts to sit - an extension of the bathing beauty. She is a socialite - the principal of her school recently dubbed her Ms. Popular.

But, the increased activity comes with increased tumbles.

Xian is also beginning to cut her teeth. One of the front-bottoms is cut through and we hope she finishes the second by Monday's plane ride!

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