Sunday, June 17, 2012

Airport Hospitality

Our trip to the States was the first with children and we were surprised from time to time with our treatment. In Japan, as soon as the girls on our backs were spotted, we were raced to the front of long lines and sent through special lines as we navigated security measures. It was quite nice as the girls get a wee bit impatient standing in line. This also gave us time to find the "play room" and let the girls crawl around.

Unfortunately, the tables turned upon arrival into the US. The small gestures provided to us in Taiwan and Japan were history as we waited in the back of the line to get our almost-melting girls through passport control. No big deal - we don't expect special treatment. But then, we got to passport control and 20 questions began. He didn't like some of our answers and definitely didn't like that the adoption papers were in Chinese. The freshly stamped US Visa in the girls' passports did little to help. How did he know if it all wasn't faked? Fortunately, his supervisor finally came over and allowed us to enter under the visa classification provided in their passports.

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