Sunday, June 3, 2012

5 months

On January 3, 2012, Krista stood in the birthing room as Sage was born. Five months later, she is legally adopted and ready to begin international travel. Time since January is blurry and separated by the time we had parents visiting (three months) and the past two months where we managed the two girls on our own. Sage is the youngest girl at school and is beginning to piece together parts of this world. She knows that her sister does not like being kicked - so she kicks her. She knows that Audrey likes to lick her if given the chance - so she opens her mouth whenever Audrey is near for a big kiss (?). She knows her parents hate having their clothes saturated by goat milk - so she spits up on us at each opportunity.

Sage is also keeping herself busy by

  • hanging out in push-up position. Her record is a two-book session without moving from this pose.
  • trying to sit up on her own 
  • making new sounds and she has the pipes to make herself heard
  • standing - she can hold onto a crib railing and balance by herself for a few moments. Yikes!
  • picking up objects though still lacking some coordination 
  • giggling 
  • toying with the idea of developing a social side. She now smiles and gets excited when we pick her up in the afternoon and is beginning to engage with others as well.

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