Thursday, June 17, 2010

Table Slingin' Run-away

Belmont Street is home to what was one of my biggest cravings while living in Guinea - big honking Laughing Planet burritos (aka the LPB). So, as any rational person would do I am getting my fill of these tasty morsels before I begin ordering by photo in Taiwan. Today, I stopped there on my way home with Audrey. A calm point of the day, there was no one in line and I had already ordered by phone. I quickly attached Audrey to an outside table and stepped inside to pick up the food.

An instant crash, a slam, and a black blur went flying down the sidewalk. It seems as if Audrey managed to pull the outside table over and it spooked her. She went berserk. Tearing down the narrow sidewalk, people jumped out of the way in panic as this small, furry black ball flew towards them dragging a round, metal table. The table swung from side to side, covering the entire sidewalk. Sparks jumped into the air as the metal collided with the concrete. The look on faces would have been priceless if I was not sprinting down the sidewalk yelling after her.

Fortunately, ritualized training paid off. At the corner in front of Stumptown Coffee, her panic-stricken mind was faced with a decision. Do I continue in this crazed direction or stop at the curb like normal? This brief dilemma allowed two guys to grab hold of her as I finished my dash to the end of the block. The window seats of Stumptown were full of people glaring down at the horrible dog owner who allowed his dog to recklessly pull a table down the sidewalk.

Audrey, with cut up legs, and myself red-faced in embarrassment hobbled back down the block with the table in between us to be greeted by a laughing LPB employee who was appreciative of the returned table.


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