Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Farewell to Sunnyside

For the second time, I am ending a school year at Sunnyside with goodbyes. Four years ago, I left at the end of the Year of the Mountain to join Peace Corps Guinea in West Africa. There, I taught math in French (an interesting challenge!) before instability and civil unrest caused the Peace Corps to be suspended. I then wandered through many countries (see for posts) before returning to Portland and SES.

After three wonderful years of teaching, I have had the amazing fortune to meet the girl of my dreams - Krista - and together we will travel to Taiwan to continue our lives together. We have committed to a minimum of two years at the American School of Taichung where we will both teach in the middle school. Our dog, Audrey, will come with us. We leave the United States on July 31 and begin teaching in Taiwan less than two weeks later.

The Sunnyside community has been a wonderful place to teach and I have enjoyed each amazing student that I have met over the past years. I hope that this blog can be a way for people to learn a bit about Taiwan as I discover this new place and culture.

Thanks for all of the great memories!

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  1. Good luck Frank to you, Krista, & Audrey. Happy and safe traveling for all THREE of you. Our kids were so lucky to have you as their teacher and you will be missed here at SES but we will look forward to reading all about your adventures in Taichunng! ~~Linda Liebenthal