Sunday, June 20, 2010

and the bed goes

One of the things that I have found enjoyable about uprooting and moving across the country or world is the act of getting rid of stuff. Items come and go in our lives and they are just that - things. Yes, some are sentimental and more important than others and this time I'm keeping a few more than last. However, like a flood coming through and cleansing an ecosystem, going through things with a desire to rid is purifying to the soul in many ways.

This weekend found many items disappear. The bikes rolled out, the stereo sang its goodbyes, the bookcases emptied the shelves, and the bedroom was turned into a camping room as the bed moved from our upstairs lodging to inhabit the house boat of someone freshly returned from Hawaii.

We are now down to a little over a month before departure. Audrey's status is still in limbo but there are positive signs. Next week, we will head up to Bellingham and British Columbia for a while. Enjoy summer!


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