Monday, June 14, 2010

Should she stay or should she go now

Audrey. Yep, that cute, lil' black pooch is causing all sorts of grief in the house of moving to Taiwan. 20 hours in a kennel is simply unacceptable she informed us over a bowl of kibbles. So, the travel path of driving from Portland to Seattle, flying to San Francisco and then to Taiwan has been scratched. Our hope is to leave Portland on July 15 and drive south to San Francisco, enjoying the Oregon and California coasts along the way. In the end, she will finally get in her kennel for 13 hours on her way to Taipei.

But our concerns don't stop there. In February, Krista began the process of rabies shots, tags, titration tests, under the skin, sonar-detecting, radar following, heat seeking microchip implantation only to (possibly) be three days short. Audrey's possibilities upon arriving in Taiwan are "immediate deportation, extended quarantine at post entry port or destruction." We're hoping for a slight extension to her 3-week quarantine.

The import permit application goes out tomorrow. Let's hope for the best.

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