Thursday, July 26, 2012

Teeth & Mobility (Xian turns 9 months)

**ok, ok, this one is a bit late
Fireworks exploded across the sky marking Xian's 9-month old day. This has been an exciting month for her and punctuated by growing teeth and lots of crawling. 

At the eight month mark, her teeth began cutting their way through her gums (what a process!) and she toyed with the concept of crawling. The bathing beauty pose was her halfway house to sitting on her own and provided a rest from hard core military crawling. Confident that the military crawl defined Xian's style, we prepared for lots of long days. Fortunately, several of the stops on our Pacific Northwest trip featured homes with hard wood floors. She spun out, lost traction and was forced to improve technique.

She learned to push up from sitting when in crawling position.

Grass proved to be a great place to practice.

Finally, she got the kinks out and is now a cruiser.

(She's a bit frustrated as she began near the high grass.)

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