Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Back in Taiwan

The embrace of humid air greeted us as we stepped out of the airport. A car had been scheduled to pick us up and a few moments before our eyes scanned the throngs of people at the exit of customs. Krista spied the sign - "Mr. Frank & Ms. Krista" The driver's eyes bugged out as he saw the girls and our accompanying baggage. As it turns out, the spacious van that brought us to the airport almost six weeks earlier was not used and a car pulled up to the curb. Hmmm...We crammed it all in and soon were on our way south to Taichung.

A photograph just before our departure.
 Two years ago, a photo from the same location...My oh my how things can change. The photo below showed all of our possessions at that time.

Slowly, slowly, we are settling back in to our home. The return trip was a pleasant (especially in comparison with the trip to Portland) experience that included empty flights and sleeping girls. We'll try to get a few more stories up...

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