Thursday, July 26, 2012

Jim Bob!

The Farmers' Market of Hood River swarmed with them. Big wheels switched between asphalt and grass with ease. Suspension systems kept babies sleeping. The "dualies" transported two kiddos at the same time. Certain ones could even turn on a dime. The only remaining question was whether or not we would join the BOB-pushing contingency. We stewed on the idea and it slowly garnered support. By the time we reached Bellingham, via a several day detour on the Hood Canal, Krista bargained a lifetime of running if BOB joined our quiver of baby carriers. How could I resist? When in America...

Xian gives us an OK after the safety check and we're good to go!

Krista cruises as the girls rest in their comfy seats.
We quickly went through one model. Our original purpose was the jogging model which comes with a hand brake which held the allure of safely navigating Taiwan's steep hills. However, the front wheel is fixed on this model. After a few struggles with the fixed front wheel, Billy Bob (as this one was dubbed) was traded in for Jim Bob; this model allows the front wheel to fully rotate though does not have a hand brake. A few runs back in Taichung with Jim Bob have already been enjoyable.

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