Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Travel to Mykonos

There is no question that the Greek Islands are stunning.  Clear, turquoise waters reflect the sun in constant blue skies.  Rocky islands rise directly out of the water. Some have a desolate beauty - sun baked vegetation mixed with white rock - while others contain oases of green from olive trees, grape vines and fig trees. When going from one island to the next, we were never sure what visual treat would lie in the next harbor and the surrounding countryside.

As we boarded an early morning boat from Samos Town (the taxi driver from Pythagoria to Samos was absolutely nuts!), we prepared for our last long ride.  Our ending plans of a few days on the island of Naxos were dashed as the ferry schedule made it impossible to visit and return to Mykonos in time for our flight.  So, we're off to Mykonos in the hopes of finding lodging - high tourist season is just shifting into gear - and enough activities to entertain us - Mykonos is big on bars but meager on other servings.

From Greek Trip - Samos

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