Tuesday, August 2, 2011


We toured the town, we rented a scooter and drove all over the island, we spent a day on the beach in the sun and there was still one more day left.  Why in the world is Mykonos such a popular island?  With high tourist season upon us, the cruise ships dominated the two small harbors.  Shuttle boats ferried back and forth bringing more and more people into the tiny town.

From Greek Trip - Mykonos

Krista decided to take one for the team and board yet another boat.  The ride was only advertised to be a quick 30 minute jaunt, but the seas around Mykonos are consistently choppy due to the high winds. The ride was a rough one - we jolted left, swooped right, bopped up and slammed down - but eventually made it to solid ground. Our destination?  Delos

Potentially the birthplace of the famous Greek twins, Apollo and Artemis, this island has amazing ruins. The famous Naxian lions line up on one of the major thorough-fares as a possible source of intimidation (?)

From Greek Ruins

Recovered mosaics and statues are hosted inside a museum built on the island:

From Greek Ruins

and columns are everywhere.

From Greek Ruins


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