Saturday, September 18, 2010

Typhoon Fanapi on the way!

Our first typhoon looks like it might sail through tonight (Saturday). Today, it was nice outside. Our original plans of heading inland to visit the famous Sun Moon Lake were stalled for a later date. With complete disregard for the incoming typhoon, we got Audrey excited about a trip, packed the car for a day of hiking and got ready to leave. I guess the safety team gods had other ideas. The car battery that has been playing difficult to start, finally went out completely. Nothing. Nada. Zippo. We unpacked the car and spent a relaxing day in the neighborhood.

I posted a few new photos of the park that is located near our house. I am amazed at the detail that goes into creating parks. Each one around town is special in its own way. Ours features a large pool stocked with koi and other fish at one end that spills over into a small stream. The stream flows down into a larger pool and then continues onwards. It exits the park and follows a boardwalk to another small park. We visit almost daily, dodging a pack of wild dogs with a fondness for Audrey.

More photos of the park are posted - check them out!

The typhoon is expected to make a landing on the east coast of Taiwan early this morning and continue its westward path. The mountains should break it up a bit but the forecasted path has it coming awfully close to Taichung. Here's to hoping it will give us a quick flyby.

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