Sunday, September 19, 2010

9:00 with Fanapi coming

Depending on who you ask, last night was full of adventure or one of peaceful slumber. I slept hard. From time to time I rolled over, making a mental note of surprise as to the lack of wind from the oncoming storm. Krista battled the storm. The beginnings of Fanapi brought lots of wind and rain. Our entry way was flooded. Krista braved the elements to slam shut windows to stop more rain from entering.

Here is the satellite at 9:00 this morning:

We live in the county on the west coast that appears to have another county inside of its borders. If the storm follows a westerly path then the eye will not pass over us, but if it turns north a few hairs then we may just have a break in the middle of this day.

We just returned from a trip to the local OK Mart for more water and chocolate. Surprisingly, the store was fully stocked. Is nobody concerned?

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