Friday, September 10, 2010


Frank just had his first birthday in Taiwan. It was considered quite an auspicious day: 9/9/99 per the Taiwan calendar. (I feel a bit slighted as last year Frank’s birthday landed on 9/9/9 per the western calendar) As we set off for school, Frank and I discussed how we would celebrate his birthday. He would be receiving no gift from me, his lovely wife, due to the fact that we are always together and there has been zero opportunity to sneak off and get him something. Even if I could sneak off, I have no idea where I would go as we have spent our time exploring beaches and towns opposed to shopping centers and stores. All of this was quickly forgotten as students began to arrive. Each student came laden with gifts for Frank. By the end of the day, we were completely thankful that we drove our car (which is a rarity) and had space to take home all of Frank’s booty. Apparently, someone had called each student in his class and told them to bring something for Frank’s birthday. I truly have never seen anything like it before: hand made cards, multiple cakes, bags filled with chocolate, and little tiny toys depicting images of food (still not sure what they’re for, but they’re popular here). The students went out of their way to make 9/9/99 a special day for Frank. Frank will be spending the weekend writing thank you cards to each of his little monsters and I will be spending the weekend eating cake. I do believe this is going to be a fantastic weekend!

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