Sunday, January 27, 2013

Taipei Zoo

"Xian, looks it's a zebra," claimed Krista.
"ma," came the tentative response.

"Zebra," Krista repeated.
"ma," Xian again countered.

"MA!" Xian was now a bit agitated. This was no zebra. It was a..

"Ma," Krista agreed. Xian nodded her head in approval. Ma is the word for a horse in Chinese and Xian was setting Mom straight.

We spent a few hours touring the zoo. For a whopping 60 NTD (equivalent to $2), the zoo is great trip. It was our first trip and we didn't get through the the entire place. Starting with a few pink flamingos, the girls were primed and excited to see some animals.

The signs indicated that the Giant Panda was a special exhibition. Wow! Giant indeed.

The smell announced the location of the camels and the girls loved seeing them.

Eventually, we wound our way through the Taiwan foliage to get to Krista's favorite - the giraffes!

Cruising through the zoo...

At the end, we managed to sneak out a couple of critters.

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