Thursday, January 3, 2013

Happy Birthday Sage!

A year ago, we raced off to the hospital for the birth of this amazing little girl. Since then, we've watched her grow from the itsy bitsy peanut she was to a full time walker. The happy screams that nicknamed her the pterodactyl are well known throughout our hotel here in Bangkok and can likely be heard clear back in Taichung. Sage is a ball of energy constantly ping ponging from one end of a room to another. She has an innate desire to figure out how things work and quickly will turn knobs on and off, can access any bag in a matter of sheer seconds, and with gumby like hands can stretch much more than her height to reach even the top most points. At a whopping 7.7 kilograms, she is hardly a blip on the radar but her huge personality more than makes up for her small stature.

With a mouthful of sharp, jagged teeth, Sage is a force to be reckoned with. Once something enters into her mouth, she does not distinguish between edible or not. Sage's chompers clamp down and woe behold if your fingers comes between her pearly whites. With 10 teeth newly budding, Sage's trap is becoming quite the arsenal.

Big sister is one to look up to and Sage spends a lot of time watching Xian and mimicking her. Xian's unique sign language has been adopted by Sage and Sage often is found trying to hug, kiss, or snuggle XO-much to XO's chagrin.

Happy Birthday Sage. We love you!

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