Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Pink Sparkling Boxes Filled with Goodness + Weddings = Confused??

Ahhh. . . February is quickly creeping towards us and the wedding season in Taiwan is just beginning.  It is considered quite lucky to be married before the Chinese New Year and many engagements are announced right before the wedding in February.  With any event, I set out to learn what is and what isn’t appropriate during such an event.  I’ve learned that for a wedding gift, it is customary to bring a red envelope.  Within the envelope you place money--quite a bit of it.  The goal is to gift more than the meal you will eat costs.  The money is recorded in a very special journal so that when you get married, the blissfully married couple can gift a red envelope to you that is in excess of what you gave them.  The simplicity of it is somewhat beautiful.  No going out and having to register for gifts.  No fretting over what to get someone.  It is predetermined, decided by some ancient smarty pants desiring to make things just a touch easier.  

Today, being almost Chinese New Years, we received a wedding invitation from our coworker.  It came in the form of a large pink parcel, within the parcel was the invitation, as well as a beautiful (and large) pink box.  

From Random Taichung

Upon opening the box, I discovered such wonders...

From Random Taichung
Now, I’m thoroughly confused.  The box is beautiful, the treats to die for.  The invitation says to RSVP, but do I respond with a card?  Cookies? A red envelope?  Just as soon as I think I’ve got it down, I’m thrown a sparkling bag of goodness. . .

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  1. Looks like you and I had similar blogging thoughts :)