Monday, January 31, 2011


It definitely was not an afterthought that brought this arm shaped piece of plastic to Taiwan.  Our dog, Audrey, lives for the moments when it gets pulled off of the shelf.  Her tail wags.  She begins to pant a quick in and out breath.  She does a little prance, bouncing up and down while wiggling her butt.

Trips to the park revolve around her manic desire for retrieving.  The up side is that she runs her little heart out and often collapses in a pile upon our return.  Tired dog, check!  The down side is that the obsessive part of her brain gets put into overdrive.  It consumes her thoughts and is strictly off limits in the house.  At times, she becomes so focused that her eyes roll a bit back into her head and she is unable to listen to basic commands.

The equipment is simple: the chuck-it and a tennis ball.

From Random Taichung

What had not been expected was the Taiwanese response to our daily activity.  Audrey must be the first Chuck-It playing dog in our part of Taichung (if not the city).  People walking in the park often stop and spend 5, 10, 15 minutes or more just watching Audrey run back and forth.  They laugh and make sure that small children, grandparents, or anyone around witnesses the sight of two crazy people chucking a ball for their little black dog who tears off after it only to bring it back and repeat.  Time after time after time.

Krista in full Chuck-It pose:

From Random Taichung

The best response is from the numerous dogs hanging around in the park.  Some of the dogs are on their daily walk while others belong to the local pack - a group of generally nice dogs who live in the surrounding undeveloped areas and survive off restaurant food and other drop offs.  These pooches were not able to comprehend Audrey's behavior when we first began playing.  On some occasions, there were four to five dogs sitting in a row watching her go.  Motionless, except for their heads tracking her movements, they just observed as if trying to determine if this crazy dog of ours is the same species or not...

From Random Taichung

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