Monday, August 16, 2010


With Audrey in quarantine, I have found myself quite lonely. Sure I have Frank, but it simply isn’t the same. Frank doesn’t wag his butt profusely when I get home and now that we work together, rarely am I greeted by the super sloppy wet kisses that Audrey is so well known for. Needless to say, I feel as is something is lacking in my life. My sweet, adorable, overly zealous little pooch is still locked up tight and I am missing her company. In bounds Squeakers! A few days ago this scrawny dog exited our apartment building with her owner. The owner jumped on his scooter and drove away. Squeakers followed for a while and then tucked its tail and slowly walked towards us. Most dogs ignore us, or try to bite us so I wasn’t super excited when she came our way. I said, “hello,” and was greeted by a super high pitched squeaking sound.

She walked over to my school bag, which always is appropriately stocked with dog cookies, and proceeded to roll all over it. I figured I knew what she wanted. I reached in and grabbed a cookie. Squeakers took it delicately out of my hand (thank goodness, I was worried I would lose a few fingers), promptly dropped in on the ground, ran over to me and started jumping up and down squeaking. I petted her until our ride came. She looked at us as we got into the car and drove away. Then, she picked up her cookie and trotted off.

Squeakers without a doubt, is one of the funniest looking dogs I’ve ever seen. She’s a medium sized dog but quite scrawny. Living in the hot, humid Taiwan weather, her owners thought it appropriate to shave the poor little thing. She is completely shaved with the exception of one tuft of hair on her tail—it resembles something close to a paint brush. The hair cut sadly makes her look as if she has some weird disease. Squeaker’s ears point straight up giving her a comical expression. One ear is normal but the other one is missing the tip as if someone came along with scissors and cut it off.

Now as Frank and I walk through our neighborhood, we always look for Squeakers. If she is out prowling, she runs to us squeaking and begging for attention. She’s no Audrey, but she’s definitely helping the weeks go by until our little pooch is back with us.


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  1. Hello from Edinburrrrgh! We have an orchid too! A white one, very beautiful but a bit cocky! Looks and sounds like you're having a great time - especially eating out (and orchid shopping). Lots of love, Jérémîë and Ïñgèbörg xxx