Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Our ability to get truly settled into life in Taichung is pegged to the lack of this card. The ARC, or alien resident card, is what we need for many things but do not have. Prior to leaving for Taiwan, we bought a car from a teaching couple that was leaving. Can we drive it? Nope, no ARC. It sure would be nice to have a phone to call people around town. Is it possible? Nope, no ARC. Internet? Don’t even think about trying to get service without an ARC. Scooter, it looks so much fun seeing people zip around town on brightly colored two-wheeled machines. Don’t get excited about driving one if you don’t have an ARC.

Our passports were whisked off a few days ago with the promise of returning attached to an ARC. One week, two weeks, who knows but the sooner the better!


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