Monday, January 23, 2012

Happy New Year!

Living in Taiwan provides us with a closer look at the arrival of the Chinese New Year. Last night,rains appeared to keep many inside but we heard some fireworks to usher in the Year of the Dragon. Bunnies are out and dragons are in. Reading a recent New York Times article, Krista related to me how the low-low-low birthrate is expected to hop this year as people hope for strong dragon children.

For us, the Year of the Rabbit was a fantastic one giving us two precious girls. Sage, recently born on January 3, is considered to be a rabbit-tail baby...

Last year for winter break, Krista and I visited Thailand and were in the amazing city of Chiang Mai for December 31. We blogged about our New Year's Eve and the tradition of using lanterns to send up wishes, hopes and dreams for the coming year.

We sent up two lanterns that night

and, to our delight, they came back down.

Sage and Xian

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