Sunday, February 6, 2011

Enter the Parking Garage

There are a lot of people in Taichung and apparently many of them enjoy shopping.  Taichung has monster malls, which rise up off the ground and soar into the air.  Floors are themed - the sporting floor, 8th floor for books, 3rd floor for kitchen ware, etc.  On a few occasions we have had to venture into these buildings where Krista feels much more at home than I do.  Recently, we drove our car to a shopping building and, finding no street parking, descended underneath into the parking garage.  How do all of these shoppers fit with their cars (there are also lots of cars in Taichung)?

First, many attendants are needed to direct traffic.  Plugged into their walkie-talkies, the attendants know where the available spot is located.  Second, engineering creates more space than in the typical US garage.

Cars are placed onto tracks that can move side to side and up and down.  Once the driver gets to an empty area, the attendant uses a controller to navigate the spot so that the car can enter the structure.  When the driver returns, who knows which position the car may be in and directions must be given to lower the car so that it can be released.

Here, the Freeca was driven into a newly opened section of the garage.  Cars can be placed above or to the sides of our vehicle.

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