Sunday, December 5, 2010

Passion Fruit

On of the Pacific Northwest events that I truly missed this year was apple season. Honey Crisp, Jonagold and the other local varieties were hopefully enjoyed by others. But, life in the tropics is opening us up to a new world of fruits. The hands-down favorite recently walked into Krista's classroom as a gift from a student.

From Random Taichung

She was instructed that it would be ripe once the outer skin became wrinkled. I was amazed at the lightness of this purple balls. Each one carries a sense of lightness with it as if the wrinkled skin protects a ball of air. But, under the skin is a hard shell that a sharp knife is needed to cut into. First glance at the insides may turn a newbie away but a delicious treat awaits the person who scoops out the yellow glop and black seed mixture.

From Random Taichung

The taste is unlike any other fruit I have encountered. Sweet, yet tart. Some bites lie on the sweeter side while others, well...

From Random Taichung

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