Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A good shaving

Does anyone know how long it takes a dog to acclimate and stop shedding?  We're going crazy trying to keep Audrey's black hairs out of our apartment.  Our vacuum cleaner runs overtime slurping the stuff up by the pile.  Dust bunny?  No, we've got full on monsters.  As we approach the "four months in Taiwan" mark, it seems like she should have either lost her coat completely or stabilized.

If she continues, we may have to resort to extreme measures such as a complete shaving for her.  We have a few models to choose from but unfortunately have few photos at the moment.  I really wished that a camera was available the day that a grey poodle walked by with "le" shaved into her - everything was shaved except these two letters.

A dog with a mane...

From Random Taichung

Krista plays with Sasa (aka Squeakers)
 - unfortunately her tail moves too fast for the camera.  Squeaker's body is completely shaven except for the black tuft of her tail

From Random Taichung

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